Simon Repp

Six Tin Jonesy

Ska-Punk/Brass-Rock band I co-founded and substantially shaped in the years between 2005-2011. I've collected some of my highlights, some rare gems, and some random production artifacts of mine here.

The "New Ways" music video you didn't see on TV

Under my direction we travelled back into the past and visited important venues and places from the band history; In editing (which I'm still lousy at) I couldn't get myself to cut up the beautiful contemplative footage (which we shot with incredible cinematographic support from Michael Mazohl and Paul Sturm) to match the fast pace of the song, so there's some considerable friction between the images and the energy of the song, which ultimately also lead to it not going on television (Another video was produced externally). Nontheless its production is still one of my most valued memories from my time in the band.

"Void" Intro

The Chiptune intro to "Void" that I produced for "The Very Best Off". According to our producer you can hear a "broken bongo [drum]" in the background, but I have yet to do so.

Never Resting Eyes

“These are the days of deception where hate runs the show
Stories and rumors arise, roam the nation and fear's standing by
Will they seize your esprit, will they take in your mind?


As it can only be you, forgetting wrong and true
aware of what it takes, to sever false and fake,
see through the lies, track down the flaw
bound to these never resting eyes

So many falling for a system deceiving us all
But we're not going to fall”

Today's The Day

Lyrics and music by me, also the only track on "The Very Best Off" that I sung myself.

“Imagine the end, again, meeting your friends
Conceiving how far you went, just to be back, in the end

Imagine the end, unforgiving, catching up with you
Out of the blue, taking everything from you

Imagine the end, just a faint trace in the sand
A mere detail, fading somewhere on a strand”

Piano Show Intro

A piano intro track I fleshed out based on a musical sketch by Vincent; We used it as an intro to our shows for a while.

"Banana Company" shirt design

Contrived by Gregor and graphically executed by me.

'Banana Company' shirt design 'Banana Company' shirt design

Listen, love, let be

The original acoustic reference track I recorded during writing New Ways, featuring sweet trashy kazoo parts all over the track.

The poet-safe plan

The obscure outro track ("You maniacs! ... Banane!") I produced for "The Very Best Off".