ENDZEIT TV-Special "Zoon Politikon"

Zoon Politikon is the TV-Special of the ENDZEIT series. In his search for political movements outside the mainstream, presenter Nino Beck travels the world, trying to obtain an image of what it nowadays means, to be a Zoon Politikon - a political being.” (translated)

Creating the animated sequences for Zoon Politikon was my first dive into extensive character animation, crafting interactions between multiple characters over a good third of the 90 second long sequence. The overall intention was to convey an aesthetic that could plausibly originate from a game engine/machinima or "Second Life" sort of virtual world simulation that a gamer or user could have created, which was the fictional context in which it was presented inside the TV-feature.


CG Charaktere und Autos basierend auf CC0/CC-BY Modellen von Blend Swap:
"Polish FSO Polonez" by Qba, "Broadway" by Rendars, "Low poly textured and rigged soldier" by Fluppi393, "Man" by LucasKS

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