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« Hi. I'm Simon Repp (he) and I create code, media, and systems with a focus on ethics, simplicity and sustainability. This page presents excerpts of my practice, from the societally relevant and useful to the obscure and useless. Enjoy! »
Screenshot of three different mobile layouts of faircamp, showing different color themes
Multiple circular white lines, somewhat scratchy, radiating an empty spot in the center Faircamp is a static site generator for audio producers (2021-today)
The phrase "Hyper 8" in three different variants (bold, regular, italic) The Hyper 8 Video System is a static site generator for video (2023-today)
Screenshot of a dark-themed calendar interface, overlaid with a splash screen
Three by three white, basic geometric shapes against a checkerboard background, the middle icon is a blend of multiple letters combined into one abstract shape, subtracted from a square Feber is a simple, self-hostable group calendar (2024)
A screenshot of an eno document, opened in a code editor
Syntax-highlighted text in an editor Eno is a general purpose data language serving a wide audience, both in regards to cultural background as well as technical ability. (2018-today)
A screenshot showing sicuit running in a terminal window Sicuit is a minimalist take on the concept of pass - a GPG-encrypted password store built around a single plaintext file. (2020-today)
A screenshot of an application window displaying a large audio waveform
A stereo audio waveform Good Form is a libre audio player targeting professional usecases, currently stuck in eternal alpha. (2019)
The logo of the Blender Conference 2015 Elmyra is a blender-based visualization system I designed and developed at apertus (2015)
Screenshot of the website, which features various slices of monochrome photographs of people
In the top-left there's a deep orange play:vienna logo, on the bottom left there's a forehead The play:vienna website I designed a few years back
A black and white A4 sheet in landscape orientation, featuring 6 barcodes with ample padding, arranged in the center. All barcodes are cropped against a large jagged outline going at right angles. Additionally there are small circular, stroked ornaments arranged in groups of up to three and cutting guides which divide the center of the sheet into 6 equally sized, rectangular areas.
An EAN-13 barcode in the center, black on white, its outline clipped against a large jagged outline going at right angles, with two more of these reaching into the image just above and below Generative EAN-13 barcode sheets with human-readable debug markers and crop marks, designed for the interactive, magical realist theatre piece Questionology
A sign that reads "AXIOM LABS" on top of a building A printable model I created for the apertus AXIOM Gamma project kick-off (2014)
Ink/marker sketch in pale blue and warm grey tones of a tree that seems to hug the viewer, in a very weird way
A texture of black lines and warm gray tones in marker and ink, with a ragged half of a hole on top Sketch of a tree from a daydream
An abstract blue pen scribble of a multi-floored interior space populated by very roughly indicated people, two tables with people seem to float way off somewhere in the air, in one corner of the paper the words "Goodbye Notes at a student's reunion" are vertically written but striked through
Rather abstract blue pen lines on paper Bar sketch
An A4 sheet with various pencil sketches of a person rowing a boat and rails on stilts terminating suddenly
A boat, a terminating rail and blue color splotches on paper Sketches of boats and rails in an ocean
A stylized rendering of an interior design concept for a room, featuring a blackboard, table and two couches
A stylized rendering of the door to a room, walls potruding towards the camera A briefingroom concept for my local hackerspace created with Freestyle/Blender
An ink sketch of a cake with 4 candles and the words R.I.P. written on it, behind there is a framed portrait of a sad looking figure, below there's a space of sorts enclosed by a fence or band, people have gathered around it and a text bubble says "Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunchier than the others crunch!", there's more random notes and candles around the lower half of the sheet
Drawn in ink, a cake with the letters "R.I.P.", a framed portrait, and above the underlined heading "Cassie Cake of the Pie Dynasty" Sketches made during street game design
Scribbled notes on paper describing mechanics and story for a game
Scribbled notes on paper, in the middle a phrase reads "*on the bike/moped" Design notes for a game that may or may not exist now or in the future
Colorful sculptures in an amusement park One version of «Die Nacht stellt keine Fragen» [The night asks no questions], an algorithmically constructed essayistic short film (2012)
A figure with a hat sitting on a metallic bench, seen from behind and through glass, straight ahead in the distance the sun is slowly setting
A figure seen from behind, straight ahead there is light from the setting sun Still from my diploma thesis «Die Nacht stellt keine Fragen» [The night asks no questions] (2012)
A cropped figure with a glossy suit and a coffee brewer in hand, hazy pink light coming from above
Two glossy life-size statues, the one facing the camera has fire coming off his hat Still from my diploma thesis «Die Nacht stellt keine Fragen» [The night asks no questions] (2012)
An ink and marker sketch of a bored-looking droid vaguely resembling Star Wars' General Grievous, most notably it has three tiny, spider-like arms on each side instead of one long one
A droid head looking bored Sketch of an unimpressed droid
A paper sheet printed with german terms of service, on top of it an ink and marker panel showing a gas station with taps, a car, someone filling their tank, and against the sky a surreal element of what appears to be a moving girl on a swing hanging from the open tank station roof
A figure wearing a cap, a figure on a swing, sketched with marker and ink Film still sketch
Various marker and ink sketches: A warmly clad man and woman holding up their hands, Laced boots, thumbnails of people standing around huge water tanks containing a bulbuous form
Two laced boots sketched with ink and marker, various parts are pointed to by arrows, at their base an alternative version of that part is sketched Mixed sketch material
Various pencil and ink sketches of a rider and their "mechanical mount", some notes with arrows ("floats", "pushed by robo-tentacles"), somewhere on the page it says "we won't ask" for no reason
A small square paper tucked to some white canvas, on it an ink sketch of some contraption with an arrow and a note reading "bigger man in rel." Sketches of mechanical things
Three figures standing in front of the Konzerthaus building in vienna, sketched with ink and marker on beige tinted paper
One wing of the Konzerthaus building in Vienna, sketched with ink and marker on beige tinted paper Vienna Konzerthaus Sketch
An ink sketch of a frog-like creature with multiple eyes, its skin apparently tattooed with abstract shapes
A single eye peering down to the bottom right out of a wavy bulging form that is covered in thick black lines Sketch of a tattooed figure
A bad crop of a slightly pixelized Netzkinder logo, it's not a pretty sight Jingle for the Netzkinder podcast (2014)
An ink sketch of an oilpunk-style trike with a round gas tank and airplane engines, a hooded rider on top, perspective grid superimposed
Wheels, cables, axes in ink on an underlaid grid Ink sketch
A huge teddybear playing piano A piano composition from 2019
A grey-on-white silhouette rendering of an elephant running through a cityscape, on its back a person holding a kite
A grey-on-white silhouette rendering of an elephant running through a cityscape, on its back a person holding a kite Silhouette-based banner design for a call a few years back
A screenshot of a texture-less, windowed version running in a Debian VM, console in the background
A butterfly following a dotted line, god rays from above casting bright light on the ground below «Reduce Speed», an artistic exploration of a world where the speed of light is so slow that you can observe it with your own eyes (2011)
A poster in black and white showing a water tank with a gummybear inside against the starry night sky and a low skyline of houses, titled "RETURN OF THE GUMMYBEARS" in horror-like, white capital letters
An ornamented, round, segmented tin roof of sorts, with the crest of vienna and an illegible plaquette further up, against a starry sky Poster for the Journey to the end of the night Vienna (2018)
A colorful Disney-style duck, the duck wears an ear ring and a turban and has their eyes close intently
A close up of a colorful Disney-style duck, the duck wears an ear ring and a turban and has their eyes close intently Comic panel recreation based on «Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp», made with VPaint (2020)
A tall, slim face with a pronounced nose and long, heavy hair, sketched in profile with pencil, ink and marker
A cropped portion of a face drawn from the side with pencil, centered around the eye Sketch with pencil, ink and marker
6 playing cards depicting Julian Assange, Jacob Appelbaum, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama as black jacks, queens and kings
Julian Assange peering at you from an ace of hearts playing card «Transparency Poker», a conceptual poker game (2013)
The famous golden Johann Strauss statue in Vienna in close up, but the face is not Strauss' but the signature monkey head mascot of Blender
The famous golden Johann Strauss statue in Vienna in close up, but the face is not Strauss' but the signature monkey head mascot of Blender In the 2010s I organized over two dozen libre graphics community events under the labels Viennese Blend and Vienna Libre Media in vienna (2014-2019)
A rendering of a multi-cornered, sphere-like technical object, stylized as a line drawing
Sketchy lines of varying thickness outlining an angular device of sorts An early previsualization of one of the first ZEITDice, made with Freestyle/Blender (2014)
A distant bird's view of a road in a snowy mountain landscape, various cars and people are bunched together in an unordered fashion at a point in the middle of the road Creating the CGI sequences for Zoon Politikon was my first dive into extensive character animation. Characters and cars based on CC0/CC-BY licensed models by Qba, Rendars, Fluppi393 and LucasKS (2017)