Simon Repp Signature A boat, a terminating rail and blue color splotches on paper An EAN-13 barcode in the center, black on white, its outline clipped against a large jagged outline going at right angles, with two more of these reaching into the image just above and below A stereo audio waveform A bad crop of a slightly pixelized Netzkinder logo, it's not a pretty sight A droid head looking bored Sketchy lines of varying thickness outlining an angular device of sorts A texture of black lines and warm gray tones in marker and ink, with a ragged half of a hole on top A stylized rendering of the door to a room, walls potruding towards the camera A single eye peering down to the bottom right out of a wavy bulging form that is covered in thick black lines Two glossy life-size statues, the one facing the camera has fire coming off his hat Syntax-highlighted text in an editor Screenshot of a design exploration for faircamp's interface - release page with light theme A grey-on-white silhouette rendering of an elephant running through a cityscape, on its back a person holding a kite A sign that reads "AXIOM LABS" on top of a building A butterfly following a dotted line, god rays from above casting bright light on the ground below Drawn in ink, a cake with the letters "R.I.P.", a framed portrait, and above the underlined heading "Cassie Cake of the Pie Dynasty" The famous golden Johann Strauss statue in Vienna in close up, but the face is not Strauss' but the signature monkey head mascot of Blender Colorful sculptures in an amusement park A close up of a colorful Disney-style duck, the duck wears an ear ring and a turban and has their eyes close intently A figure wearing a cap, a figure on a swing, sketched with marker and ink A small square paper tucked to some white canvas, on it an ink sketch of some contraption with an arrow and a note reading "bigger man in rel." A cropped portion of a face drawn from the side with pencil, centered around the eye A huge teddybear playing piano Julian Assange peering at you from an ace of hearts playing card An ornamented, round, segmented tin roof of sorts, with the crest of vienna and an illegible plaquette further up, against a starry sky Wheels, cables, axes in ink on an underlaid grid A distant bird's view of a road in a snowy mountain landscape, various cars and people are bunched together in an unordered fashion at a point in the middle of the road Scribbled notes on paper, in the middle a phrase reads "*on the bike/moped" Two laced boots sketched with ink and marker, various parts are pointed to by arrows, at their base an alternative version of that part is sketched The logo of the Blender Conference 2015 A screenshot showing sicuit running in a terminal window Rather abstract blue pen lines on paper One wing of the Konzerthaus building in Vienna, sketched with ink and marker on beige tinted paper A figure seen from behind, straight ahead there is light from the setting sun