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Faircamp is a
static site generator
for audio producers.
Release page, light Theme (Tablet)
Point Faircamp to a folder hierarchy
on your disk which contains your audio files. Within minutes, Faircamp builds a complete, static website that presents your music to your audience. You can view the site on your computer or upload it to any webhost - no database, no php or such required.

Release Page

Cover. Tracks for streaming. Optional description and links to downloads and embeds.
Manual › Releases
Release page

Responsive Design

Fully functional down to the smallest screens.
Release page (Mobile)

Artists & Labels

Seamless support for single artist sites, collaborative projects, up to entire labels.
Manual › Catalog
Homepage (artist mode)


Automatically generated downloads in the formats you want. Single tracks and full release.
Manual › Downloads

Unlock Codes

Provide exclusive access to downloads (e.g. to patrons) by protecting them with unlock codes.
Manual › Downloads
Unlock downloads page (Desktop)

Soft Paycurtain

Ask your audience to financially support you on third party platforms before they download.
Manual › Downloads
Purchase downloads page (Desktop)

Procedural Covers

Covers generated× from your audio provide visuals when you don't provide your own.
× using a custom-designed algorithm – no "AI" involved
Generative covers


Reach your audience in your own language. Contribute translations to help the project.
Manual › Localization

Theming Widget

Interactively explore theme customizations.
Manual › Theme
Theming Widget


Allow your releases to be featured by your listeners in articles and posts.
Manual › Embedding
Embed page

Fully documented

Faircamp is accompanied by a comprehensive, living manual, written alongside development since early on.

Free & Open

Faircamp is free software licensed under AGPLv3+ and hosted on codeberg.org.

Faircamp 1.0

Development in 2024 is financed by the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme through the NGI0 Entrust fund established by NLnet.
Project website


Faircamp is developed for the public benefit and additionally supported by your donations.
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Ko-fi page
Faircamp adheres to these principles:
Personal, plain, small, simple, light, fast, reduced, elegant, stable, low/no-maintenance, free, independent, privacy-respecting, standards-conforming, no-nonsense.

Community Resources

Sites Using Faircamp

Note that this is just a selection of sites that have been publicly announced somewhere, and that many more are out there. Feel invited to announce your site via the fediverse or in this issue.

aerror.net, annoyingrecords.daghe.xyz, anybodysking.com, audio.enoent.one, base.at/faircamp/dorninger, bonkwave.org/music, cenkisnotdead.ch, christianpacaud.com/musique, dafor.link/portfolio, danielmaxson.com/music, desolationpark.se, djomnimaga.music-2000.com/faircamp, faircamp.artweirdomedia.net, faircamp.axwax.eu, faircamp.defaultmediatransmitter.com, faircamp.fstateaudio.com, faircamp.gavart.ist, faircamp.meljoann.com, faircamp.protman.com, faircamp.radiofreefedi.net/amberlucent, faircamp.radiofreefedi.net/benjamindaass, faircamp.radiofreefedi.net/bruxadomangue, faircamp.radiofreefedi.net/control, faircamp.radiofreefedi.net/levinskyleo, faircamp.radiofreefedi.net/limnetic, faircamp.radiofreefedi.net/rathmoretv, faircamp.radiofreefedi.net/socool, faircamp.radiofreefedi.net/voidconspiracy, faircamp.snapinfraction.com, faircamp.soundcrack.net, faircamp.suetszu.com, faircamp.synkr3tyk.rocks, faircamp.thurk.org, fastachee.rodeo, fc.kliklak.net, fkfd.me/jam, fromabasement.com/faircamp, futurecabaret.com, gorr.no, helenbell.co.uk/faircamp, imaginative-scratchings.com/music/, jangwa.eu, jeremy.org/music/The Jeremy Bornstein Trio, johannbourquenez.com/faircamp, knova.net, kromo.synth.is, kristofferlislegaard.com/faircamp, limebar.net/faircamp, listen.sirjupiter.com, listen.soundslike.pro, listen.yarmo.eu, lucamancini.com/catalogue, mewsse.io, music.attksthdrknss.com, music.audiokontor.net, music.bedlamsteps.uk, music.control.org, music.dxcomplex.com, music.futzle.com, music.jfenn.me, music.key13.uk, music.lminiero.it, music.padpalon.ch, music.schallundstille.de, music.whitevhs.xyz, musique.st3rk.fr, punxdrone.com, reverb10000.com, rubylouiserose.com/faircamp, samae.demer.se, signbitmusic.netlify.app, sknob.fr/faircamp, sparsitymusic.com, stephenclearymusic.com/faircamp, streetg.love/s, taube.xyz/loft, the.jdsessions.com, tinanay.avocadosh.xyz, thehappybuttons.com, thunderperfectwitchcraft.org/erdspiegel, torstentorsten.de/faircamp, tryptophonic.com, tsunami.oooooooooo.net, twuni.net, umanoudito.daghe.xyz, velstandsfanden.no, whenthebirdsleft.org

Alternatives To Faircamp

  • blamscamp «Create a bandcamp-style audio player for selling albums on itch.io.»
  • CD-R 700mb «Static site generator for makingweb mixtapes in 2022.»
  • Funkwhale «Funkwhale is a community-driven project that lets you listen and share music and audio within a decentralized, open network. »
  • jam.coop «We're a co-operative music platform, 100% run by and for the benefit of musicians, fans and the people who make it.»
  • Mirlo «Directly support musicians. Buy their music. Collectively owned and managed.»
  • Rauversion «Rauversion is an open source music sharing platform.»
  • Resonate «Resonate is the first community-owned music streaming service.»


ailepet, Andy Berdan, Alexander Cobleigh, AxWax, controlfreak, DaforLynx, Damian Szetela, Dave Lane, Dave Riedstra, Deborah Pickett, Dec, Default Media Transmitter, Devin Canterberry, DURAD, Esi Jóhannes G., Florian Antoine, Francesco Gazzetta, fREW Schmidt, Friedrich, GoodTech, Harald Eilertsen, James Fenn, jd42, keef, kel, Kristoffer Lislegaard, Lime Bar, Lorenzo Miniero, Maxwell Volume, Meljoann, ncc1988, ndr_brt, n3wjack, Niklas Reppel, nOOq, Porkepix, protman, rakoo, Rotfarm, Samæ, sknob, themissingcow, Torsten Torsten, Venya, Wolfgang Dorninger, Yonder, zzkt

In a perfect world, this list would include everyone that shared faircamp, built sites, helped friends, and so on. If you're among them and not listed here, thank you so much as well - the above is really just an attempt to explicitly give credit to the extent that is pragmatically possible in a rushed world. If you notice someone missing that absolutely should be on the list, or if you would rather not be listed, please do let me know.

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