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Available languages

Faircamp currently ships with these languages:

English is the default, another language can be configured like this:

# localization

language: fr

Translation corrections or improvements are very welcome (dutch and spanish probably direly need them), just open an issue.

Not yet available languages

Note that even if there are no translations for your language yet, you can still set the language code, which is then used to auto-determine the text direction (LTR/RTL), and declare the language for your content on the site and in RSS feed metadata - only the interface texts will still be in english.

# localization

language: ar

Contributing translations

If you are eager to use faircamp with a not yet supported language, you can easily help to make it happen: Open the english locale, copy its content and just replace the english translations with the ones in your language. Post the results in an issue or send them to simon@fdpl.io, then we'll wrap up the rest together. If you're code/git savvy you can also directly submit a PR. Either way, don't worry about making mistakes, I'll help you with the technical details, it's much appreciated.

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