Faircamp Manual


By default your visitors can only stream your releases. There are three mutually exclusive download modes you can enable for each release:

Free download – free

For example, to enable free downloads in Opus format:

# download


format: opus

Unlock code(s) – code or codes

An unlock code (like a coupon/token) needs to entered to access downloads.

For example, enabling FLAC and Opus downloads for people who received your download code "crowdfunding2023!" for backing you:

# download

code: crowdfunding2023!

-- unlock_text
You should have received the unlock code in your confirmation mail
for this year's crowdfunding. Stay tuned in case you missed it,
we're currently planning the next run!
-- unlock_text

- flac
- opus

unlock_text can be (optionally) used to provide a custom text to display on the page where your visitors can enter the unlock code.

Or for example, if you have subscribers in multiple tiers, you can configure access with multiple codes:

# download

- GOLDsupporter
- SILVERsupporter

- mp3
- opus

Soft Paycurtain – price

A soft (i.e. not technically enforced) paycurtain needs to be passed before downloading.

For example in order to ask for 4€ for accessing the FLAC downloads on a release:

# download

format: flac

price: EUR 4+

The price option accepts an ISO 4217 currency code and a price range such as:

In conjunction with this mode you will also need to specify at least one payment option, see the reference on "Payment".

Disabled – disabled

Disable downloads for specific releases when they have been enabled in a manifest above in the hierarchy.

# download


Offering single files for download

By default, the generated site will only offer complete download archives with all files of a release (tracks, cover, extras) included.

Downloads of single files of a release can be enabled in addition, but be aware that this significantly increases the required storage space for the generated site:

# download

single_files: enabled

In some cases it may be preferable to only offer single file downloads, entirely disabling the generation and offering of complete download archives. This will usually require a little more space (but in some circumstances also a little less space) than offering only complete download archives:

# download

single_files: only

To restore the default behavior of offering complete download archives only, when you've overriden it in some way in a parent manifest:

# download

single_files: disabled

All formats

Lastly here's a listing of all download formats you can currently enable. In practice a minimal combination of a lossy state of the art format (e.g. opus), a lossy format with high compatibility (e.g. mp3) and a lossless format (e.g. flac) is recommended.

- aac
- aiff
- alac
- flac
- mp3
- ogg_vorbis
- opus
- opus_48
- opus_96
- opus_128
- wav

Note that opus is an alias for opus_128.

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