Hyper 8 Video System


A collection is, at its simplest, a directory containing at least one non-empty directory that is either a video, a playlists, or a collection itself.

my_collection/                <--- Collection directory
└─ my_video/                    <--- Video directory
   └─ original.mp4                <--- Video file

The name of the directory (which may only contain alphanumeric characters, - and _) determines the permalink for the collection, that is, the URL/web address under which the collection will appear publicy on the web if you publish your site online.

Alternatively, a collection can also be created by putting a file named collection.eno in an empty directory, although of course the usefulness of an empty collection will be limited.

As already hinted at above, a collection generally speaking can contain videos, playlists and subcollections (which again can contain videos, playlists, and subcollections (which again can contain ...)). As such it is a generic, flexible way to group and structure content hierarchically on your Hyper 8 site.

The collection.eno manifest

Manifest for tagging and configuring a collection.

title: Awesome clickbaitz videos

-- description
New videos are released every tuesday!

Also check us out on the [fediverse](https://social.example.com/)
-- description
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