Faircamp Manual

Getting Started

First let's quickly look at the input faircamp needs:

The Artist/               <--- Top directory ("Catalog")
├─ Greatest Hits/           <--- Nested Directory ("Release")
│  ├─ One Hit Wonder.mp3      <--- Audio File ("Track") 
│  ├─ Summer Hit.mp3
│  └─ Underrated Cult Song.mp3
└─ Bootlegs/                <-- Extra nesting (optional)
   └─ Live in Megacity/       <--- Nested Directory ("Release")
      ├─ Best Ballad Ever.mp3   <--- Audio File ("Track")
      ├─ Another Summer Hit.mp3
      ├─ CD Sleeve.jpg          <--- Cover image (optional)
      └─ Booklet.pdf            <--- Extra files to include (optional)

We see that faircamp takes a directory with arbitrarily nested directories as input. The only convention to follow: Directories that directly contain audio files will be presented as releases (think albums, singles and playlists) with their own page.

To use faircamp, prepare your catalog folder (similar to The Artist/ above), cd into it and run:

faircamp --preview

By default, faircamp will write the site to a .faircamp_build folder inside the catalog directory. With --preview specified, it will automatically open the site inside your browser after building is complete. (You can press Ctrl+C in the terminal to kill the preview server again)

And that's it, your faircamp site is now alive and kicking.

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