Faircamp Manual

Going Online

Faircamp provides you with a complete website - technically this takes the form of a directory on your computer, by default the .faircamp_build directory (hidden, as it starts on a dot) that gets created right inside your catalog directory. In order to actually get your site online, these things are needed:

Known Gotchas

Encoding of special characters in filenames

In very rare circumstances it can happen that the way some special characters are encoded in filenames in your faircamp site is subtly changed during upload to the server, leading to that file not being accesible from the faircamp site, although present. Concretely speaking, this has been observed by someone who used Cyberduck to upload their site. One song containing "å" was not accessible because it was encoded as just "å" on their computer, but converted to "a" + "°" during upload (a perfectly valid and visually indistinguishable way to encode the character using unicode). If you're observing something similar, try using another FTP client (or rsync), and/or it should theoretically also be possible to configure Cyberduck to not do this conversion on upload.

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